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Come Follow Me - A Journey Through Lent

The Cost of Following Jesus

Counting the cost is something we do daily – subconsciously almost. For example, I’m walking through the mall – I see a pair of really nice boots so I decide to take a closer look. Yup – still really like them, but turning them over I see the price … $400!! Yikes!! Guess I don’t really like them that much! Or … I really wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a kid growing up but as the time for post secondary education loomed closer, suddenly the thought of seven more years of school seemed like too much of a sacrifice to follow through on. In other words – I counted the cost and decided it wasn’t worth it.

In Matthew 8:18-22, a scribe has approached Jesus and gushes out to him “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you may be going” and Jesus answers with “The foxes have lairs and the birds of the sky have places where they may lodge, but the Son of Man has nowhere where he may lay his head.”

I think Jesus is saying “I don’t want a follower who is in the moment swept away by emotion that quickly blazes and then just as quickly dies. Rather I would like you to really KNOW what you are getting into when you choose to follow me. It will NOT be a picnic but the benefits will far outweigh the cost!” Jesus talked throughout his ministry about what it would REALLY cost to be his follower. He talked about taking up a cross (Matthew 10:38). He talked about setting himself up above our dearest relationships in life (Luke 14:26) and the list goes on.

In all types of situations in life we are confronted with facts of what it will really cost us – in the careers we choose, in our life partners, in raising our children. We know we have to put a lot into these things and relationships to make them successful. Why should our Christian life be any different? But how great the benefits when we DO count the cost and still choose Christ.

Submitted by Edith Beveridge

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