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Come Follow Me - A Journey Through Lent

Matthew 5:1-12 - THE BEATITUDES

As Christians, we tend to use the words “Blessed” and “Blessing” a great deal and each has our own understanding what those words mean. Generally, we think of the good things that happen to us, occasions that benefit us and make our lives happier or easier. In turn, we try to do things that benefit others to make their lives comfortable or to give them joy. In Matthew chapter 5, Christ lists The Beatitudes which He outlines not as rules or laws but rather as examples for us.

Sometimes, experiencing a great need in our life, we pray directly seeking a Blessing or favor from our Heavenly Father. However, mostly we live our lives in such a way that we expect the Lord’s grace and His unexpected blessings or favors to follow. We try to live in righteousness, being kind towards others and seeking God’s favor.

Christ urges us: “Come and follow Me,” and when we do follow Him, we start to believe that God has a plan for each one of us. In Jeremiah 22, God says, “I know the plan I have for you.” In that plan He blesses us so that we in turn may bless others. When He pours good things into our lives, He expects us to bring blessings to others – our family, our spouse, our children, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours or even a random person.

Striving not to do the opposite, to be a burden and hold someone back. we must remain positive and do things that are positive. Even during these difficult times, God wants us to thrive where we are in what we do, whether at work, home, school or with friends. In doing so, we will be blessed and will bless others.

Gord Lowe

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